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Welcome to the Ride Yourself Fit, Inc. Website!


Welcome to the Ride Yourself Fit family.

Cyclists of all levels and abilities
are welcomed and encouraged.
Take a bicycle tour of Redlands and surrounding areas.
 A variety of rides are offered.
The Ride Yourself Fit family also offers the Walk Yourself Fit
program every Saturday throughout the year,
and the Eat Yourself Fit (organic garden) program
during the summer months.
(Members please Log-in to view the full website)

RYF 2015 RCH Ride

RYF starting times are changing
with the seasonal time and weather changes.
 Check the Event Calendar for specific starting times on each ride or program as they are different.

UPDATE: Thursday, August 9, 2015 
Kevin is continuing to recover and is feeling much better.  He has been released and is now at home. 
He will continue with out-patient therapy several days per week. 
Kevin sends his love and thanks to all his RYF family members. 
Thank you for all your prayers and keep them coming...God has answered in a big way.
Everything you need to know about Cardiac Arrest.
We have provided some helpful information about cardiac arrest on this website
with the link listed in the left-hand menu.

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Pacific Coast Highway from Carmel to
Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA.

The Best Buddies Challenge supports Best Buddies International (, a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

RYF Member, John Meza, is Cycling for a Cause


     When new RYF member John Meza initially aspired to participate in the 2015 Best Buddies Challenge (BBC) ride on September 12, he did not even have a bike.   A long time runner, John, found the ride online and was drawn to it because of the charity it supports and the location, a favorite of his and wife Marisue’s, the spectacular Central California coast.  Founded in 1989 by Anthony Kennedy Shriver, the Best Buddies program strives to create one-to-one friendships between people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and volunteers who provide support and socialization, as well as employment and leadership development.  Today, the Best Buddies program has grown to include more than 1,900 middle school, high school, and college campuses around the United States and internationally on six continents, reaching 900,000 individuals each year.

     John started riding in July 2014 with a bike loaned to him by a neighbor.  John began training by riding along Sunset in Redlands, near his home.  In April, John joined RYF, seeking to improve his cycling skills and to learn group riding etiquette as preparation to ride the 62-mile route in the BBC.  That’s a pretty decisive action for one to make, and behind that action was John and Marisue’s own personal story of parenting a child with autism and a desire to support the good work of the Best Buddies program in improving the lives of individuals with special needs and their families.

     John and Marisue had two children, a son and a daughter.  Their daughter, eighteen-year-old Sarah, recently graduated from Redlands High School and will begin attending college at CSUSB this fall.  Their son, Matthew, was a bright young boy who loved Legos and had autism.  In 2006 at the age of 13, he passed away, leaving a lasting gift of love that strongly impacts his family today.  John expressed the sadness of a parent who did not get the opportunity to see his son grow into a young man, but who also cherishes thousands of fond memories of times shared with Matthew.  Marisue, a Special Education teacher in Yucaipa, is keenly aware of the significant benefits brought to students and families by the Best Buddies program.  Their personal experience and the short, well-lived life of Matthew is John and Marisue’s motivation for choosing to participate as a team in the BBC this year.

     Though John initially aspired to riding the 62-mile route in the BBC, he has since upped his challenge to the 100-mile route, starting in Carmel and continuing down Pacific Coast Highway to San Simeon. Since joining RYF in April, John has come to as many Saturday rides as he can and also some of the Wednesday training rides.  When you see John ride, you’ll be astounded that he has been cycling only since March of this year, and you’ll be lucky if you can keep up with him on a climb!  Though he approached cycling as a means to accomplish the goal of doing the BBC, he has found that he truly enjoys it, and is the proud owner of a brand new Trek Domane 4.5, so look out – John is in it to win it!  While John rides, accompanied by one of Matthew’s favorite Lego men in his jersey, Marisue will walk the scenic beachside 5K event in San Simeon. Both events conclude at Hearst Ranch in San Simeon.

     Together, this inspiring couple has embarked on an aggressive goal to raise $2,600 for the Best Buddies program.  Participants are rewarded for their efforts with an amazing event experience that ends with an extravagant barbecue party and concert at Hearst Ranch.  Consistent with the grandeur of the historic property, the event draws celebrities who mingle and participate in the pre- and post-event festivities.

     The RYF family is so much more than a cycling club.  We are a group that collectively knows the pain of loss, the challenges of life, and the joys of friendship and fellowship.  We lend support and celebrate victories, large and small, understanding that what we can do as a group is far greater than what we can individually accomplish. You can be part of John and Marisue’s victory by sponsoring their team with an online donation via their BBC fundraising page:

     By spreading the word via social media, you also contribute to their success, so please ‘like,’ ‘share,’ and promote to your online community of friends!  John and Marisue, RYF is proud of you!  Our faith in you is strong and we will be close in spirit, cheering you to your goal and the finish line on September 12.  Thank you for sharing your story with us, reminding us that life, no matter how long or short, is precious.  Your son’s life remains a gift and we admire your assurance of his legacy through committing to this incredible event.  Good luck, have fun,  and God bless!

Come join us for the First Sunday of the Month Family Ride.

Invite your family, friends and neighbors to take an easy 5 mile bicycle ride
through Redlands.  Rides are open to the public.

See the Event Calendar for more details.
  NOTE:  There is no ride scheduled on Labor Day weekend.

When: Sunday, October 4, 2015, 12:00 PM
Judson - 5 miles
Brookside Park 
  1635 Brookside Ave   
  Redlands, CA 92373

Ride Yourself Fit Family rides from RCH! 

Redlands Community Hospital 2015 Sponsor 

The City of Redlands is currently resurfacing a number of streets throughout the southern portions of the city, including portions of Lakeside Avenue, Magnolia Avenue, San Mateo Street, Tennessee Street, and Olive Avenue.  These projects may result in temporary street closures and dirt roadways for a short period of time.  Rides and routes programmed may be diverted around these streets as necessary, without changes being made to route slips and maps.

RYF Tour de France Party 2015...Fun,"Food" & Fellowship! 

 RYF Alta Vista Ride & Brunch at Olive Market!


Thank you to all that participated in The Plain Wrap Ride 2015...The Charity Ride
that Supports & Promotes Inland Empire Cycling!
Thank you to all the volunteers and the RYF Family that made the
"6th Annual Ride Yourself Fit Health and Bike Safety Expo"
a success!  And here is one of the many reasons why:
Our housekeeper's 10 year-old daughter learned to ride a bike awhile ago, but during one of her rides she fell and broke her tibia. 
Ever since, she has been afraid of riding  ...  that is until she attended the Expo last weekend. 
RYF volunteers worked with her to overcome her fears.  They worked wonders!  
Her parents said they couldn't get her off the loaner bike she borrowed.  She kept riding and riding around the course. 
She was so excited to be riding again, but absolutely ecstatic when she won a bike!
  Joe Dittemore Agency
(909) 792-1665
5 E. Citrus Ave., Ste 209
Redlands, CA 92373
Proud Sponsor of Ride Yourself Fit

Protect your bike investment! We all love our bikes and value the great things they provide such as better health, time with friends, and discovering new places. If your bike disappeared or was severely damaged, it might cost quite a bit to get you back on the road. There are any number of circumstances in which an existing home and/or auto insurance policies won’t cover the damage to or loss of a bike – and this comes as a lousy surprise if it happens to you! Now, you can eliminate that worry with a bike insurance policy. Joe would be happy to work up a quote for you, and it is as simple as completing a fill-able application posted here then emailing it to him.   Joe will return a quote to you, usually within 24 hours. You’re also welcome to call Joe with questions or to complete an application over the phone.
For detailed information on this specialty insurance for bicycles, please click
For a quote sheet, please click this link, complete the quote sheet, and submitted to Joe Dittemore.
Note:  This form can be filled out and signed electronically by clicking on this link,
then downloading the pdf file to your computer.

Effective January 1, 2015, new membership fee and policy changes have taken effect. 
All new memberships and renewals shall be subject to the new fees as follows:
 Individual Membership  (RYF/WYF)
 Family Membership  (RYF/WYF)
 Supporting Membership (In addition to the selected membership level of $35 or $50.)
 Golden Lifetime Membership (Individual only for life)
Membership policy changes will also take effect as follows:

     Memberships shall include all Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit participants in one program.  The individual membership annual fee increases from $25.00 to $35.00.  The family membership annual fee increases from $35.00 to $50.00.  Family memberships shall be for all members of an immediate family, which shall be limited to the husband/wife as primary, the spouse as secondary and children living in the household under the age of 21. Other relatives, i.e. brothers, sisters of the primary/secondary member, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, friends, etc. shall not be included under the family membership. 

     Memberships shall also be established as supporting and golden lifetime categories.  The supporting membership includes a $200 annual donation above the individual or family membership fee listed above.  Supporting memberships will be listed on the RYF website.  The Golden Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $1,000.00 for a membership that will not expire for the life of the member.  Golden Lifetime members will receive a one-time special RYF jersey.
Are you a former RYF member who is wishing to rejoin?
We would welcome you back to enjoy all the Fun, Fitness and Fellowship!
Please contact the RYF Webmaster at
We can help reinstate your membership.

 Signature Pose...14 miles


 Signature Pose...30 miles


      Signature Pose...20 miles 


Traffic Safety Coalition launches "I GIVE 3 FT" safety campaign.
California’s new bike-passing law takes effect Tuesday, Sept. 16 and is designed to reduce car-versus-bicycle crashes.  It also provides a way for law enforcement to enforce safe passing.
When the new law takes effect, violators will face a $35 base fine, ($233 when penalty assessments are added). If there is a collision, the base fine goes up
to $220 ($959 with assessments.) Where a violation results in a collision that injures a bicyclist, the law provides a way for law enforcement to cite the driver for unsafe passing.  Bicyclists are still urged to use caution at all times while riding on any roadway with or without bike lanes.

See the "3 Feet Please" Facebook page
at 3 Feet Please for more information.

The RYF water bottles and T shirts are available for purchase.   They are at the IYBI clinic and will be available at the regular RYF rides. 
Get yours while they last!

RYF has introducing a new program for our regular bi-weekly Saturday rides.  The 10 mile routes are orientation rides lead by Dr. Steve Wilson. These orientation rides are open to all riders who wish to ride a slow, easy pace, those who are all new and or inexperienced riders, those who have new bikes that are not familiar with shifting or any other operation of the bike, those wishing to learn group and street riding skills, bicycling etiquette, and those who are starting a conditioning program.  All riders are welcome no matter what type of bike or riding gear that have.  Helmets are mandatory for all riders.  For those more experienced riders who wish to ride a shorter route at a social/touring pace, a 15+ route has been added to each of our bi-weekly rides. 

That's right people, a bike kitchen in the IE. For those of you that don't know what a bike kitchen is:  The Redlands Bike BBQ (Kitchen) is a space where you can learn to work on your own bike. It is entirely FREE, organized by volunteers and meant to help encourage sharing cycling related knowledge, skills, and tools between people in the community.

We can be found at our permanent space behind Augies Coffee Shop (off Redlands Blvd.) and weekly at the Redlands Market Night (near Ed Hales Park). We are open Tues-Thurs 6-8pm and Sat 12-3pm.

Donations are always welcomed. We are looking for anything bike related.


 Check out Doc's articles ... just click on the "Rabbit"