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Ride Yourself Fit!


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Welcome to the Ride Yourself Fit, Inc. Website!


Welcome to the Ride Yourself Fit family.

Cyclists of all levels and abilities
are welcomed and encouraged.
Take a bicycle tour of Redlands and surrounding areas.
 A number of rides of different lengths are offered.
The Ride Yourself Fit family also offers the Walk Yourself Fit
program every Saturday throughout the year,
and the Eat Yourself Fit program
during the summer months.
(Members please Log-in to view the full website)

RYF Prospect


Ride Yourself Fit, Inc. (RYF/WYF) Holiday Party

Friday, December 5, 2014 @ 7:00pm
   Mark your calendars and reserve your spot on the Event Calendar.
This year's party is positioned to be the best yet...with dozens of Silent Auction Items
to bid on to complete your holiday shopping,
Gourmet Dinner, Dancing, Fellowship and Fun, Fun, Fun!   
   This year we invite you to bring wine and beer, if you would like, to enjoy.
RYF will be providing a couple of bottles of wine at each table
(thanks to a very generous donation.)
   So why wait?  Go to the website and make your reservation now!
Holiday Time is the time to reconnect with friends and family and make new friends.
So even if you haven't been riding, or new to RYF or WYF...we want to see you and bring in this very Merry Season.  
   May you all be blessed abundantly.  

Come join us for the First Sunday of the Month Family Ride.

Invite your family, friends and neighbors to take an easy 5 mile bicycle ride through Redlands.

See the Event Calendar for more details.

When: Sunday, December 7, 2014, 12:00 PM
Community Park 
1541 Church Street 
  Redlands, CA 92374

Effective January 1, 2015, membership fee and policy changes will take effect. 
Memberships that expire after January 1, 2015 shall be subject to the new fees as follows:
 Individual Membership
 Family Membership
 Supporting Membership (In addition to the selected membership level of $35 or $50.)
 Golden Lifetime Membership (Individual only for life)
Membership policy changes will also take effect as follows:

     Memberships shall include all Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit participants in one program.  The individual membership annual fee increases from $25.00 to $35.00.  The family membership annual fee increases from $35.00 to $50.00.  Family memberships shall be for all members of an immediate family, which shall be limited to the husband/wife as primary, the spouse as secondary and children living in the household under the age of 21. Other relatives, i.e. brothers, sisters of the primary/secondary member, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, friends, etc. shall not be included under the family membership. 

     Memberships shall also be established as supporting and golden lifetime categories.  The supporting membership includes a $200 annual donation above the individual or family membership fee listed above.  Supporting memberships will be listed on the RYF website.  The Golden Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $1,000.00 for a membership that will not expire for the life of the member.  Golden Lifetime members will receive a one-time special RYF jersey.

RYF starting times are changing
with the seasonal time and weather changes.
 Check the Event Calendar for specific starting times on each ride or program as they are different.
Information for those of you who ride the Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway during the week!  SCE is doing maintenance work on overhead power lines west of Mt. Vernon.  Works crews are using the SART to access the river bottom on this project. Although the SART will not be closed, you may encounter heavy equipment using the trail with some dirt and debris on the trail. Keep an eye out for them and be safe - "share the trail".

Patriot Ride 2014

 October 11, 2014 - 3rd annual Scavenger Hunt Walk & Ride
Congratulations to all the teams for doing an excellent job
searching Redlands for the answers to the clues
on the 3rd annual Scavenger Hunt Walk and Ride.
RYF Scavenger Hunt Photo contest Winners! 

"Michael's Marauders"
Julie, Sarah, Linda, Chris & Michael
RYF Scavenger Hunt Winners!
 Valerie, Amy, Jennifer, Daniel & Robert
Each team member wins $5.00 RYF Bucks!

Scavenger Hunt "Winner"

The  RYF Scavenger Hunt Ride 2014!


 Redlands Community Hospital, Well Aware Newsletter, Fall, 2014, article on Ride Yourself Fit.


Traffic Safety Coalition launches "I GIVE 3 FT" safety campaign.
California’s new bike-passing law takes effect Tuesday, Sept. 16 and is designed to reduce car-versus-bicycle crashes.  It also provides a way for law enforcement to enforce safe passing.
When the new law takes effect, violators will face a $35 base fine, ($233 when penalty assessments are added). If there is a collision, the base fine goes up
to $220 ($959 with assessments.) Where a violation results in a collision that injures a bicyclist, the law provides a way for law enforcement to cite the driver for unsafe passing.  Bicyclists are still urged to use caution at all times while riding on any roadway with or without bike lanes.

See the "3 Feet Please" Facebook page
at 3 Feet Please for more information.

 Another Amazing RYF "Family Reunion" Ride


Thank you Cyclery USA for all your Support!

 RYF...Thanks Our Sponsor Redlands Community Hospital!


 Signature Pose...14 miles


 Signature Pose...30 miles


      Signature Pose...20 miles 


Walk Yourself Fit has helped me transform my life


I started walking with Walk Yourself Fit last summer. I had put on a lot of weight over the previous year. I was hoping WYF would help me lose weight, plus I was looking for more things to do outside of work. 


I've gotten everything I hoped to get out of WYF, and more. I have made some awesome new friends. It's something fun to do away from the office. And it's helped me shed weight. I've lost roughly 70 pounds and have gone from a size 20/22 to a size 10/12 (give or take).


Walking briskly on a regular basis is a big reason for this weight loss. I walk with WYF almost every Saturday. I rarely miss a Saturday. In addition, I meet with two other ladies from WYF (Tina Kundig and Rose Cummings) before work. On average, I'd say we meet 3 times a week and walk 5 miles each time, or close to it. We walk pretty fast. And when I walk on my own, I try to do some hill work. Center Street, San Mateo, Cajon and Terracina are good for that.


In addition to walking, I do cardio workouts at the gym and have started bike riding. I like having variety in my exercise regimen because I think I'm working different muscles and it breaks up the monotony of doing the same thing, day after day.


Because of the weight loss and because I'm more physically fit, my self esteem has gone up. I hated the way I looked a year ago. But more importantly, a lot of the health problems I was experiencing have gone away or eased up. My lower back no longer hurts. The plantar fasciitis I was dealing with has disappeared. And I feel better emotionally.


In a nutshell, WYF has helped me transform my life and I am forever grateful. 


          Erin Waldner
The RYF water bottles and T shirts are available for purchase.   They are at the IYBI clinic and will be available at the regular RYF rides. 
Get yours while they last!

RYF has introducing a new program for our regular bi-weekly Saturday rides.  The 10 mile routes are orientation rides lead by Dr. Steve Wilson. These orientation rides are open to all riders who wish to ride a slow, easy pace, those who are all new and or inexperienced riders, those who have new bikes that are not familiar with shifting or any other operation of the bike, those wishing to learn group and street riding skills, bicycling etiquette, and those who are starting a conditioning program.  All riders are welcome no matter what type of bike or riding gear that have.  Helmets are mandatory for all riders.  For those more experienced riders who wish to ride a shorter route at a social/touring pace, a 15+ route has been added to each of our bi-weekly rides. 

That's right people, a bike kitchen in the IE. For those of you that don't know what a bike kitchen is:  The Redlands Bike BBQ (Kitchen) is a space where you can learn to work on your own bike. It is entirely FREE, organized by volunteers and meant to help encourage sharing cycling related knowledge, skills, and tools between people in the community.

We can be found at our permanent space behind Augies Coffee Shop (off Redlands Blvd.) and weekly at the Redlands Market Night (near Ed Hales Park). We are open Tues-Thurs 6-8pm and Sat 12-3pm.

Donations are always welcomed. We are looking for anything bike related.


 Check out Doc's articles ... just click on the "Rabbit"