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Ride Yourself Fit, Walk Yourself Fit, Eat Yourself Fit



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Watch many of the most recent Ride Yourself Fit videos below. 
Catch the action and relive all the and Fun, Fitness and Fellowship
experienced at our rides and events.

To see more great Ride Yourself Fit videos in addition to those shown here,
click on the You Tube logo:


Walk Yourself Fit - Saturday Morning


WYF & RYF 2020


  Pre Plain Wrap Ride - 2020


Saturday Morning Roaming Ride


RYF 2020 - 20 Mile Ride


WYF 2020


RYF 2020 - Club 39 Ride - Pioneer


RYF 10th Anniversary Video


RYF/WYF Crazy Sock Ride and Walk 2019


RYF Big Tree Adventure Ride 2019


RYF Palm Desert Travel Club Ride 2019


RYF Saturday Morning La La Land Ride


Happy Grandparents Day - 2019


RYF 10th Anniversary Beach Ride


December 2 Memorial Ride


Thank You to the RYF Sponsors


Eat Yourself Fit...Herbs and Spices


RYF Cyclist, Charles Gatson, Discusses Nose Breathing Exercises


Five Things in Life that will Make You Happy

Eat Yourself Fit 2019 - Planting the Garden


2019 Memorial Day Ride


Tour de France - Dinner Meeting and Race Viewing (2017)


Promo Videos for the 8th Annual Plain Wrap Ride with the Redlands Bicycle Classic


RYF 360 - "Fun, Fitness and Fellowship"


Cyclery USA - Chris Horner Ride


2019 Rose Parade Ride


A day to remember the 14 people who lost their life three years ago in the San Bernardino terrorist attack on December 2nd
and a day to reflect on the 22 people who were injured. We ride together in unity and to let it be known... 
"That we will never forget and we will Stay Strong!"

December 2 Memorial and Reflection Rides


Saturday Morning Rides


Halloween - Haunted Highway


2018 Annual Labor Day Beach Ride



2018 Children's Health and Safety Expo with Micah House

Walk Yourself Fit - Fun, Fitness & Fellowship

Ride Yourself Fit - July, 2018

Eat Yourself Fit "Ketogenic Lifestyle"

Memorial Day Ride 2018


Aerial View of Plain Wrap 2018


2017 Children's Health and Safety Expo - Getting ready for 2018


Dr Gaja Andzel to speak on the Ketogenic Diet at Eat Yourself Fit on June 24, 2018.


Plain Wrap Ride - The Journey


Plain Wrap Ride - Why Redlands


Plain Wrap Ride #7 - Promo


Final Laps - 2018 Redlands Bicycle Classic


Team RYF in Training - Metric Century Ride


Team RYF in Training - Bicycle Skills


Team RYF in Training - Bicycle Repairs on the Road


Walk Yourself Fit and Ride Yourself Fit



39 Mile "Go Pro" Ride


Walk Yourself Fit


Happy New Year 2018