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Welcome to Eat Yourself Fit

You are invited to come see the new demonstration vegetable and herb garden at the In Your Best Interest Clinic,
a presentation by Dr. Steve Wilson, In Your best Interest Clinic, Inc


Come join the Eat Yourself Fit family for the Eat Yourself Fit programs.  Learn the basics of planting a vegetable and/or herb garden, whether you have a large area that can be used, or just a small corner on your patio. Dr. Steve Wilson will offer a presentation on improved health benefits through eating fresh produce. Ron Mutter will also demonstrate how everybody can grow fresh herbs and produce at home, whether you have a large area for a garden or just a corner on your patio.  This will be an interactive program, so questions and discussion will be encouraged.

Programs will include information on various topics related to a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, how to create your own organic garden, the benefits of using fresh herbs for seasoning, and demonstrations on preparing great recipes with your garden produce.  Presentations will be made to show how to design and lay out a garden plot, prepare the soil, plant from sets or seeds, how to have fresh vegetables throughout the growing season, composting, organic pest control, watering, and harvesting.  Along with the gardening aspects, programs will provide information on the variety of health benefits of eating fresh vegetables and the uses of herbs for seasoning.  Demonstrations are also planned on how to prepare delicious meals using garden fresh ingredients.

All programs will be held at the In Your Best Interest Demonstration Garden, 1201 Brookside Avenue in Redlands. Each program will include time for questions and answers, along with sampling the vegetables and herbs from the garden.  Details for the 2019 program series will be shown on the Event Calendar.  These presentations are scheduled for the second and fourth Sundays at 11:00 am starting in June.  All programs are open to the public, families and friends are invited to attend.
 The 2020 Eat Yourself Fit Garden will be new and exciting. 
Check back with us to see what is happening!
News and schedules will be posted.