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Ride Yourself Fit, Walk Yourself Fit, Eat Yourself Fit



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Celebrating 10 years of Fun, Fitness and Fellowship

Ride Yourself Fit is 10 years old this year.
We will be celebrating our anniversary all year
with special events and programs each month.
Check the Event Calendar and the website homepage
for continued information and updates.

Starting times for Ride Yourself Fit
  events have moved as noted due to
time changes & weather conditions.

Please check the Event Calendar
for times for all scheduled rides, walks
and other events.

Welcome to the Ride Yourself Fit Family 
(Please remember that members must login with their
user name and password to view all contents of this website.)

Ride Yourself Fit
A variety of bicycle rides in and around the Redlands area with routes from 5 to 60 miles in length.  Riders of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. Bi-weekly rides are scheduled for beginners to experienced riders. Instruction and specified training programs are provided for riders.

Walk Yourself Fit
A variety of walks led by Dick and Donna Dawson are available.
Walks are from 1 to 5 miles and are provided for all ages and fitness levels. Instruction is provided on proper walking methods and attire.

Eat Yourself Fit
A program presented by Dr. Steven Wilson and Stephanie Stellhorn during the year. Guidelines are offered showing the
healthy eating and the benefits of eating fresh vegetables and the uses of herbs for seasoning.  Come join us on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 11:00 am In Your Best Interest Garden at 1201 Brookside Avenue. The program is open to the public.

See the Event Calendar for the schedule of dates and times for all events.

A Prayer Request Forum has been established for members who at times experience illnesses or other tragic events for themselves, family members and other loved ones and friends. This forum is provided to allow members to post requests for prayers to help them through these times.  The forum may be accessed from the membership tab on the left hand column or by clicking on
 RYF Prayer Request Forum.

Ride Yourself Fit

WYF Photos
Walk Yourself Fit

Greenspot Time Trial -Cancelled due to Inclement Weather 

Eat Yourself Fit...Planting the Garden!

  No EYF Program on Mother's Day...Mothers Enjoy Your Day!



Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

To check the weather forecast for the Redlands area,
click on the photo.

Please note that  RYF rides and WYF walks may be modified or cancelled without notice due to rain, excessive heat or unhealthful conditions. 
To check the air quality for the Inland Empire area,
click the AQMD logo.

 Ride Yourself Fit will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary throughout 2019.  Each month special events will be scheduled in honor of this milestone.  Some may be similar to past or ongoing events while others will be new and different.  We invite all current RYF/WYF members, as well as former members to participate in these activities with us.  The list of special events is shown below and details will be posted on the Event Calendar.

 10th Anniversary Year Special Rides, Events and Programs
 Month  Date  Special Anniversary Event
 February  2/18/2019  2019 Plain Wrap - 62 mile Test Ride - Join riders from Ron's Monday group and the RBC
 March  3/16/2019  Redlands Bicycle Classic - RYF Booth & the 8th Annual Plain Wrap Ride from downtown Redlands
 April  4/1/2019  Special Travel Club Ride - Travel to and explore McMurdo Station and Dry Valley
 4/13/2019  10th Anniversary Ride - 3 routes to Mclean Park and back to honor RYF's first destination ride
 May  5/27/2019  Memorial Day Ride - Join w/ RWBTC - 2 routes - to see the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Ride
 June  6/1/2019  Put down your bike and walk with WYF
 6/22/2019  Orange Blossom Trail Cleanup - Volunteer Lunch 
 July  7/19/2019  Tour de France Picnic at IYBI - discuss the race and predict the winners  (TdF 7/6 to 7/28, 2019)
 7/27/2019  Travel Club - Bayside - 4 routes from Woodbridge Park in Irvine - a favorite among our members
 August  8/3/2019  Children's Health & Safety Expo with the Micah House at Sylvan Park
 8/31/2019  Beach Ride to Huntington Beach & Lunch - 4 routes
 September  9/7/2019  Grandparents Ride/Walk (Grandparents Day is September 8)
 October  10/5/2019  Scavenger Hunt Ride/Walk
 10/26/2019  Haunted Highway Ride/Walk with a revised route and new haunted places to explore
 November  11/23/2019  Invite a family member, friend or co-worker to ride or walk with us
 December  12/2/2019  Memorial and Reflections Rides from Cyclery USA
 12/7/2019  Redlands Christmas Parade - Decorate bikes with lights and end with hot chocolate and cookies

The 2019 10th Anniversary Ride Yourself Fit Apparel

RYF Apparel Ordering and Sizing


A special 10th anniversary kit for RYF Members,
with your name included on the back of the jersey.

Items are to be ordered using the RYF 2019 Apparel Order Form and
returning it with payment (check or cash only) to Alesandra Wilson at the
In Your Best Interest Medical Clinic, 1201 Brookside Avenue, (909) 798-6524.
  2019 order form coming soon!   

Don't know what size apparel to order?
Check the Champion System Size Charts.
Champion Sizing Chart



RYF News
Keep up on what's happening with Ride Yourself Fit, Walk Yourself Fit and Eat Yourself Fit

   Welcome to the RYF News. 
A variety of items will be posted here to inform members of what is happening in the Ride Yourself Fit family, the local area, and general club information.
Special announcements will be posted about
various RYF, WYF and EYF and special events.
If you have an item for the general membership, you can contact Ron Mutter at


Amgen Tour of California To Finish In Pasadena


Pasadena will be one the 13 host Cities selected for the 14th edition of America’s premier professional cycling race, which will run May 12 to 18, 2019. The seven-stage, seven-day race over includes more than 750 miles of roadways, highways and coastlines from Sacramento to Pasadena.

The Amgen Tour of California Women's Race will showcase the world’s best women cyclists, will run concurrently May 16-18, covering upwards of 180 miles over three stages, according to the event's organizers. Owned and presented by AEG, both races will end the same-day in Pasadena.

The race will cover a variety of terrain, including many iconic California landmarks, allowing different types of specialists in the peloton to shine throughout the week, according to race officials. Riders will see several fast and flat sections in Sacramento, Morgan Hill and Pasadena catering to sprinters. Climbers will get to shine in South Lake Tahoe, the Diablo Mountain Range outside Stockton and on multiple climbs between Pismo Beach and Ventura.

"Fans and teams alike will count down to the men’s and women’s Queen Stages from Ontario to Mt. Baldy, which will feature a grueling 26-mile fan-favorite climb to the summit finish, a day that will shake up the leader board and can make or break the quest for the overall victory," said event organizers. "Past overall finishes in Pasadena have consistently been dramatic and exciting, with fans from across Southern California lining up to cheer on the fast-and-furious sprint finishes to determine the ultimate champions."


   The City of Redlands has completed Phase 4 of their 5-year street resurfacing project.  The information on Year 5 will be posted as soon as it is available from the City of Redlands.
For a map of the completed Phase 4 projects, go to

Phase 4 - Street Resurfacing Map

Team Elevate - KHS
is the # 1 team in the nation.

With over 40 wins per season
over the past 6 years and
  multiple state and national titles,
the KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo team
is one of the best teams in the US.
Follow Team Elevate - KHS at


The "Fun, Fitness & Fellowship" continues in 2019

Seattle to Portland Ride

Some RYF members have ridden the annual Seattle to Portland ride sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle Club and others have expressed an interest in the ride.  This 200+ mile bicycle ride is the largest multi-day bicycle event in the Northwest, with participants riding from Seattle to Portland in one or two days. The route takes you through the scenic valleys, forests, and farmlands of western Washington and Oregon.  The 2019 event is scheduled for July 13 and 14.
Information for the ride and registration is on the organizer's website: Seattle to Portland - 2019

What is the right ride for me?

At times, some riders join scheduled routes that may be beyond their physical abilities.  As a result, they struggle along the ride, making for a less enjoyable personal experience. 
Ride Yourself Fit has developed  a rating system for each ride.  This system considers length of ride as well as the amount of climbing, and rates the ride between simple to extreme as shown to the right.  Routes are also designated with lettered categories which define the general average speed expected by riders on the ride. 
The rating system and speed categories are all shown on the event calendar for each ride.  RYF encourages all members to review the ride and select the one that best suits everybody's personal riding skills and abilities. 

Effective January 1, 2015, new membership fee and policy changes have taken effect. 
All new memberships and renewals shall be subject to the new fees as follows:
 Individual Membership  (RYF/WYF)
 Family Membership  (RYF/WYF)
 Supporting Membership (In addition to the selected membership level of $35 or $50.)
 Golden Lifetime Membership (Individual only for life)
Membership policy changes will also take effect as follows:

     Memberships shall include all Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit participants in one program.  The individual membership annual fee increases from $25.00 to $35.00.  The family membership annual fee increases from $35.00 to $50.00.  Family memberships shall be for all members of an immediate family, which shall be limited to the husband/wife as primary, the spouse as secondary and children living in the household under the age of 21. Other relatives, i.e. brothers, sisters of the primary/secondary member, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, friends, etc. shall not be included under the family membership. 

     Memberships shall also be established as supporting and golden lifetime categories.  The supporting membership includes a $200 annual donation above the individual or family membership fee listed above.  Supporting memberships will be listed on the RYF website.  The Golden Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $1,000.00 for a membership that will not expire for the life of the member.  Golden Lifetime members will receive a one-time special RYF jersey.
Are you a former RYF member who is wishing to rejoin?
We would welcome you back to enjoy all the Fun, Fitness and Fellowship!
Please contact the RYF Webmaster at
We can help reinstate your membership.

RYF "Orange Blossom Trail" Clean-up Crew...Well Done!


Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit have adopted a portion of the City's Orange Blossom Trail West, between Park Avenue and Nevada Street.

The Adopt-A-Trail program has been established for community and civic organizations, as well as private businesses to contribute towards the effort of maintaining beautiful and clean City owned trails in Redlands.  Redlands' Adopt-A-Trail program encourages community residents and organizations to adopt City owned trails and keep them weed and litter-free.  The adopted areas are to be cleaned every 4 weeks in an effort to maintain a healthy environment, and to produce feelings of pride in our beautiful City.  RYF/WYF has made a commitment to pick up litter and perform weed abatement on this section of the trail a minimum of once a month for a two-year period.  We will monitor conditions on this section of the trail and report problems to City staff members for follow up.

Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis to help support this effort.  The time required to complete the required routine maintenance is about one hour or less per month.  Approximately 10 members per each cleanup are needed.


With Vision a City Prospers - What makes Redlands a thriving City?
Here's an answer from the 2017 State of the City luncheon recently held.
Ride Yourself Fit is pleased to be a part of this community and
we thank the City of Redlands for their continued support of
bicycling and healthy living in Redlands.

You can check out Work and Play Productions - Facebook for more videos about various aspects of Redlands.

 Signature Pose...14 miles


 Signature Pose...30 miles


      Signature Pose...20 miles 


Traffic Safety Coalition launches "I GIVE 3 FT" safety campaign.
California’s new bike-passing law takes effect Tuesday, Sept. 16 and is designed to reduce car-versus-bicycle crashes.  It also provides a way for law enforcement to enforce safe passing.
When the new law takes effect, violators will face a $35 base fine, ($233 when penalty assessments are added). If there is a collision, the base fine goes up
to $220 ($959 with assessments.) Where a violation results in a collision that injures a bicyclist, the law provides a way for law enforcement to cite the driver for unsafe passing.  Bicyclists are still urged to use caution at all times while riding on any roadway with or without bike lanes.

See the "3 Feet Please" Facebook page
at 3 Feet Please for more information.

That's right people, a bike kitchen in the IE. For those of you that don't know what a bike kitchen is:  The Redlands Bike BBQ (Kitchen) is a space where you can learn to work on your own bike. It is entirely FREE, organized by volunteers and meant to help encourage sharing cycling related knowledge, skills, and tools between people in the community.

We can be found at our permanent space in the alley off of Fifth Street south if Redlands Blvd. and weekly at the Redlands Market Night (near Ed Hales Park). We are open Tues-Thurs 6-8pm and Sat 12-3pm.

Donations are always welcomed. We are looking for anything bike related.


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