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Ride Yourself Fit, Walk Yourself Fit, Eat Yourself Fit



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Updating You Contact Information

  Dear Members:

   We have noticed a number of old street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and other information that were listed with us when you joined, but may not now be current.  Without current information, we are unable to contact you and provide updated information to our membership.  So this may a good time to check your contact information for Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit, and update it as necessary.

   Updates are easy to do.  Members can logon to the website using their login name and password.  Once on line, go to the top right hand corner of the home page and look for your name.  Click on the small down arrow in the circle to the right of your name, then click Profile.  Your membership profile box will appear. In the Personal Info box, click Contact Info. Your profile data will appear and should be reviewed. You can make any necessary changes and updates.  When you are done, just click on the SAVE box at the bottom of the page and you are finished.

   If you have any trouble or questions, please contact Ron Mutter at  Thank You


During these unprecedented times dealing with the COVID-19 virus, it is necessary for all of us to do our part to support the efforts of the various medical and governmental agencies to stop the spread of this pandemic.  Public agencies have declared a state of emergency and requested the closure of many businesses where people congregate. Recommendations in a number of areas are to self-quarantine, especially if you are in the 60+ age category. This is something that most of us have never seen nor experienced in our lifetime. It requires a great deal of patience and sacrifice from individuals, businesses and organizations.  This includes Ride Yourself Fit.

Most studies have shown that doing our part to remain healthy is a vital element in reducing the personal risks associated with the virus. And the best way to maintain one’s health is exercise and proper diet. Naturally, we all must employ safe practices such as proper personal (social) distancing (a minimum of 6 feet) while in a group, limiting the size of groups (no more than 10), remaining at home if you are sick, and so forth. Some information asks that group rides and walks be discontinued altogether, or in some cases that some small group activities may be acceptable.  Others indicate that riding and/or walking should be done alone, as solo riding and walking carries little risk to the participant. But much of this is a personal choice, considering one’s own risk factors.

It is also necessary for all members and participants to know that the requirements and directives that may be implemented by regulating agencies are in a fairly constant state of flux and may be changed significantly at any time. RYF has been doing its best to stay apprised of any such changes and will continue to do so by providing information on the RYF website and through our social media platforms. However, in response to all the unknowns, the RYF Board of Directors has found it necessary to take action with the best interests of our members in mind, and immediately discontinue our usual Ride Yourself Fit, Walk Yourself Fit and Eat Yourself Fit events and programs until further notice. We regret that the current conditions have necessitated this action, but know that we will return to the Fun, Fitness and Fellowship we have all come to know in the Ride Yourself Fit Family.

Thank you for your continued support.


For updates on City services and the City’s response to the pandemic, visit the City’s website at


Dear Ride Yourself Fit members,

During these unprecedented times dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we all must change the way we shop and obtain many of the supplies and items we need. Many of us shop online and have items delivered directly to our homes. Whenever RYF members shop and make online purchases through Amazon at Amazon increases Ride Yourself Fit Inc's AmazonSmile donations. These donations help with Ride Yourself Fit's ongoing costs.
Please shop at whenever possible and Amazon will donate to Ride Yourself Fit Inc.

Did you know that when you shop at
AmazonSmile donates to Ride Yourself Fit Inc?

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases.
AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.
Support Ride Yourself Fit by starting your shopping at

Messages from Ride Yourself Fit Regarding the Coronavirus

To our RYF and WYF Family,
    We are reaching out to you directly as the coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting our community more and more everyday.  Please know that the safety and well being of each of our members, and potential members and their families is our first priority and at the very center of every decision we make. We are closely following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and for now it is necessary for all of us to change the way we live and interact.  We are asking each of you to please stay home if you are sick, assess immunodeficiencies before joining, and wash your hands frequently.    
     Please keep in mind that viruses don't discriminate and neither should we.  Race, nationality, and ethnicity do not make any person more vulnerable to this illness than others.  
    Our prayers are with each of you, your families and our world as we go through this time of uncertainty and vulnerability.  
Doc and Alesandra

   So now that I captured your attention with the title "Do Not Socially Distance Yourself" the opposite of what we are hearing on the news....let me explain.  We definitely need to PHYSICALLY DISTANCE ourselves during this time of uncertainty and quickly changing time, but DO NOT SOCIALLY DISTANCE YOURSELF PLEASE!!!   It is at times like this that we need each other, we need to let each other know we are thinking about them, praying for them and concerned about their well being.  So here are some ways to NOT SOCIALLY DISTANCE yourself:  Pick up the phone and call friends and family, face time and SKYPE with friends and family, send a personal email...check in on neighbors, co-workers and family near and far.  Studies show and our Hearts know that we need social interaction.
  So here's to the rebel in me...DO NOT SOCIALLY DISTANCE YOURSELF!

Here is the link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the Coronavirus - COVID-19:    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  For a look at the world map of the coronavirus outbreak click on the following link:  COVID-19 World map

Welcome to the 2020 Ride Yourself Fit Family 
(Please remember that members must login with their
user name and password to view all contents of this website.)

Ride Yourself Fit
A variety of bicycle rides in and around the Redlands area with routes from 5 to 60 miles in length.  Riders of all ages and fitness levels are welcome.
Bi-weekly rides of 10, 15, 20 and 30 miles are scheduled
for beginners to experienced riders.
Instruction and specified training programs are provided for riders.
Additional rides are scheduled for more experienced cyclists and include:
Club 39 with 39 mile and 20+ mile routes;
Adventure with 40 to 60 mile routes including a lunch stop;
Travel Club with rides at remote locations starting outside
of Redlands with varying length routes.

Walk Yourself Fit
A variety of walks led by Dick and Donna Dawson are available.
Walks are from 1 to 5 miles and are provided for all ages and fitness levels. Instruction is provided on proper walking methods and attire.

Eat Yourself Fit

A program presented by Dr. Steven Wilson and Stephanie Stellhorn during the year. Guidelines are offered showing the
healthy eating and the benefits of eating fresh vegetables and the uses of herbs for seasoning.  
Come join us on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at 11:00 am at the
In Your Best Interest Garden, 1201 Brookside Avenue.

RYF Christmas Party 2019
Ride Yourself Fit Christmas Party 2019

WYF Pictures 2019
Walk Yourself Fit
A Prayer Request Forum has been established for members who at times experience illnesses or other tragic events for themselves, family members and other loved ones and friends. This forum is provided to allow members to post requests for prayers to help them through these times.  The forum may be accessed from the membership tab on the left hand column or by clicking on RYF Prayer Request Forum. 


As the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) continues construction of the Redlands Passenger Rail Project, crews continue various activities along the corridor including working on rail crossings and stations, installing underground utilities, and building (gravity) walls to support the track along the right-of-way.

What to Expect: At times, work throughout the corridor may be loud and cause vibration. You may see flashing lights on trucks, and hear drilling, hammering, truck back-up alarms and equipment engines.

Please remember construction is dynamic and the schedule is weather permitting and subject to change.

For detours and more information click Redlands Passenger Rail Information

What is the right ride for me?

At times, some riders join scheduled routes that may be beyond their physical abilities.  As a result, they struggle along the ride, making for a less enjoyable personal experience. 
Ride Yourself Fit has developed  a rating system for each ride.  This system considers length of ride as well as the amount of climbing, and rates the ride between simple to extreme as shown to the right.  Routes are also designated with lettered categories which define the general average speed expected by riders on the ride. 
The rating system and speed categories are all shown on the event calendar for each ride.  RYF encourages all members to review the ride and select the one that best suits everybody's personal riding skills and abilities. 

Effective January 1, 2015, new membership fee and policy changes have taken effect. 
All new memberships and renewals shall be subject to the new fees as follows:
 Individual Membership  (RYF/WYF)
 Family Membership  (RYF/WYF)
 Supporting Membership (In addition to the selected membership level of $35 or $50.)
 Golden Lifetime Membership (Individual only for life)
Membership policy changes will also take effect as follows:

     Memberships shall include all Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit participants in one program.  The individual membership annual fee increases from $25.00 to $35.00.  The family membership annual fee increases from $35.00 to $50.00.  Family memberships shall be for all members of an immediate family, which shall be limited to the husband/wife as primary, the spouse as secondary and children living in the household under the age of 21. Other relatives, i.e. brothers, sisters of the primary/secondary member, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, friends, etc. shall not be included under the family membership. 

     Memberships shall also be established as supporting and golden lifetime categories.  The supporting membership includes a $200 annual donation above the individual or family membership fee listed above.  Supporting memberships will be listed on the RYF website.  The Golden Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $1,000.00 for a membership that will not expire for the life of the member.  Golden Lifetime members will receive a one-time special RYF jersey.
Are you a former RYF member who is wishing to rejoin?
We would welcome you back to enjoy all the Fun, Fitness and Fellowship!
Please contact the RYF Webmaster at
We can help reinstate your membership.

RYF "Orange Blossom Trail" Clean-up Crew...Well Done!


Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit have adopted a portion of the City's Orange Blossom Trail West, between Park Avenue and Nevada Street.

The Adopt-A-Trail program has been established for community and civic organizations, as well as private businesses to contribute towards the effort of maintaining beautiful and clean City owned trails in Redlands.  Redlands' Adopt-A-Trail program encourages community residents and organizations to adopt City owned trails and keep them weed and litter-free.  The adopted areas are to be cleaned every 4 weeks in an effort to maintain a healthy environment, and to produce feelings of pride in our beautiful City.  RYF/WYF has made a commitment to pick up litter and perform weed abatement on this section of the trail a minimum of once a month for a two-year period.  We will monitor conditions on this section of the trail and report problems to City staff members for follow up.

Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis to help support this effort.  The time required to complete the required routine maintenance is about one hour or less per month.  Approximately 10 members per each cleanup are needed.


With Vision a City Prospers - What makes Redlands a thriving City?
Here's an answer from the 2017 State of the City luncheon recently held.
Ride Yourself Fit is pleased to be a part of this community and
we thank the City of Redlands for their continued support of
bicycling and healthy living in Redlands.

You can check out Work and Play Productions - Facebook for more videos about various aspects of Redlands.

 Signature Pose...14 miles


 Signature Pose...30 miles


      Signature Pose...20 miles 


Traffic Safety Coalition launches "I GIVE 3 FT" safety campaign.
California’s new bike-passing law takes effect Tuesday, Sept. 16 and is designed to reduce car-versus-bicycle crashes.  It also provides a way for law enforcement to enforce safe passing.
When the new law takes effect, violators will face a $35 base fine, ($233 when penalty assessments are added). If there is a collision, the base fine goes up
to $220 ($959 with assessments.) Where a violation results in a collision that injures a bicyclist, the law provides a way for law enforcement to cite the driver for unsafe passing.  Bicyclists are still urged to use caution at all times while riding on any roadway with or without bike lanes.

See the "3 Feet Please" Facebook page
at 3 Feet Please for more information.